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Disc brake system, Brake&brake compnents, Locks, Shock absorbers

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The Start

Alligator cables was founded in 1976 by Chairman Mr. Ken Yen Wen in Taiwan under the trading name of Liu Yih.

At it's inception, and with only 5 employees manufacturing brake and control cables for the bicycle, motorcycle and automobile industries, Mr. Wen laid out the principles of dedication to quality and innovation that have guided our company through over two decades of steady growth.     

Alligator Cables Today

Over the past two decades Alligator cables has gone through many changes adapting to both changes within the industry and steady growth.

In 1994 the factory was relocated to a larger and more advanced facility in order to cope with increased demand for our product. Numerous modernization programs to computerize and automate as much of our operations as possible have accompanied this growth.

Today Alligator cables stands as one of the world's premier manufacturers and designer's of bicycle cables with over 30 patents worldwide to show for our unrelenting dedication towards improving cycling through innovative design.

We have over 60 employees, a factory size of over 2344 square meters, and various international quality certifications including TUV ISO 9002, and most recently Japan's VIA certification.     

The Start of alligator Brand Name

It was with the development of our competition level Kevlar reinforced Bullet-Proof cable system in 1997 that the decision was made to develop the Alligator cable brand name and start marketing our products in the aftermarket.
To this end Alligator cables called on it's formidable expertise in cable design and manufacturing techniques to develop a range of upgrade product that would substantially improve both the performance and enjoyment of riding for cyclists.

The Future

For the future we envisage that, as always, the sport of cycling will continue to develop and change as new manufacturing processes, new kinds of cycling and new designs arrive on the scene. One thing that will not change however, is Alligator's use of the latest in cutting edge innovation and technology to give cyclist's the world over higher quality better-designed products.

Our Product Series

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Business: Disc brake system, Brake&brake compnents, Locks, Shock absorbers
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